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Certifications and Production Quality

We are a reliable partner with proven guarantees

Choosing us as a company for precision mechanical machining processes means relying on a certified partner that operates in compliance with high production standards.

Not only do we offer a quality product: we believe that a partnership should be based on an organized vertical production process that starts from the specific design phases as well as listening to the customer’s needs.

Operating in the mechanical machining sector on behalf of third parties, we have always been sensitive to the quality level of our product, so much so that we have made it a pillar of the company philosophy that has allowed us to gain our customers’ respect and trust.

For a long time we have broadened the concept of quality, extending it from that of quality meant as “final product conformity to customer specifications” to the broader concept of total quality, which involves the company’s organization as a whole including all its functions. For the checks of the incoming material we have non-destructive testing equipment.

For the dimensional inspection we have a metrology room with controlled temperature and humidity where, in addition to checking the pieces, we carry out periodic calibrations of our measurement and test equipment.

Metrology room

For conducting the dimensional testing we have a temperature and humidity controlled metrology room equipped with highly precise three-dimensional measuring machines.

Our Metrology Room uses coordinate-measuring machines, a cutting-edge choice in our sector, which has been constantly maintained and kept updated with new technologies and software.

The operators in charge of the dimensional control of mechanical parts use 3D models to create automatic measurement programmes, which allows them to easily simulate measurement paths and quickly compare the measurements with the CAD model.

Throughout the intermediate processing phases, the mechanical parts are subjected to three-dimensional checks in order to verify their compliance with the tolerances; in addition, we always carry out a Final Check, while the numerous reports of the Test Certificate show all the measurements taken or those of the Customer’s Test Plan.