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Precision mechanical machining processes

We are a precision mechanics company specialized in the execution of mechanical machining processes on behalf of third parties with 60 years of experience in the industry. We support the customer during the design phases and subsequently guarantee an efficient production process while ensuring quality and meeting the delivery deadlines.

Our activity is focused on CNC mechanical machining processes executed with modern machinery, which allows us to produce components with a high level of precision and quality. Thanks to the experience acquired over the years, we are able to carry out several types of processes with a wide range of materials.

Thanks to our integrated milling and turning departments, we can offer our customers complete mechanical machining processes for various industrial sectors, such as machine tool, packaging, automation and plant manufacturers. We are able to manage processes including heat and surface treatments, guaranteeing an excellent finished product, certified by our quality control.

We offer a full service

We manage the various stages of the production process: from the supply of moulds or foundry patterns, to the procurement of blanks of any type (castings, forgings, forgings) and in any material, through to machining, testing and eventual painting and assembly.


Thanks to the use of CNC lathes and manual lathes combined with the work of a highly experienced staff, we carry out different turning processes in terms of dimensions and complexity, always with a view to achieving the final product quality and meeting the delivery deadlines as our primary objective.



High-tech machinery, combined with the work performed by constantly updated staff, enables us to execute highly complex and precise details.



Finishing processes carried out on very high precision machinery and product quality constantly monitored through continuous synergy between the production and quality control departments.


Fantin’s company strategy is always oriented towards innovation and continuous modernization. We constantly invest in advanced technologies and train our staff with the aim of being always able to guarantee the highest level of quality and precision. We are ready to meet the demands of the manufacturing industry: put us to the test!