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Mechanical turning: CNC precision mechanical machining processes

We perform CNC turning machining processes for companies on behalf of third parties
Fantin Lino s.r.l. is a company with over 60 years of experience that specializes in CNC precision mechanical turning and manual turning.

Our company has a machine fleet capable of machining from single pieces up to production batches. The turning department also includes a multitask machine, capable of performing turning, milling and drilling processes in the same location.

The concentration of all machining processes on a single machine brings obvious advantages in terms of tooling times and in obtaining the final precision of the machined parts.

The company’s turning department has machines capable of machining parts of different sizes.

On numerically controlled lathes it is able to machine parts of up to 500 mm in diameter for a maximum length of 1500 mm.

On manual machines it is able to machine pieces with a maximum diameter of 800 mm for a length of 3000 mm.

Over the years we have executed mechanical turnings on behalf of third parties in various fields of application, including for international companies. We are able to support client companies right from the design and planning stage by listening to their requests and studying the most suitable solution, always maintaining the most absolute confidentiality of information.

You can rely on us for the execution of CNC precision mechanical turning processes. Our team of experts will be glad to work with you to meet your needs and ensure the production of high quality parts.”